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  1. Donald Trump is an opportunist. He is trying to keep his name out there. Plain and simple.

    1. Hi Robert! It was an honor to do the blog on you, you are so sweet! Thank you for allowing me to do the blog. You are a great and talented Celebrity.

      De De

  2. i agree, i think donald trump is 2 faced, i did know about sherri and elizabeth, but i always like joy and whoppi, since they walked out on that fool on their show, that told me that have a least some standards, but the other 2 can go . when prince was on the show, sherri acted like she was 10 yeard old, and he left like she was a stalker, i always felt elizabeth was 2 face, ever since bush was in office.

    1. Hi Paul Thank you so much for commenting and Yes Sherri and Elisabeth are very much 2-Faced… Whoopi and Joy are very outspoken the way I am and I LOVE THEM for it….

      Big Hug
      De De

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