Gene Simmons (KISS) Removed From MIchael Jackson Tribute

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Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2011 @ 3:50 pm PST

Topic: Gene Simmons – Michael Jackson

The band “KISS” has been removed from the Michael Jackson Tribute line up because of heavy criticism regarding statements Gene Simmons made against the Late Pop Star Michael Jackson.  Fans, media, etc… remembered the negative remarks Simmons said about Jackson and wanted him removed.

According to CBS News/AP some of Simmons’ harshest comments came last year in an interview with Classic Rock magazine. “Well, you know, where there’s smoke there’s fire,” Simmons said regarding accusations that Jackson abused young boys. “There’s no question in my mind he molested those kids. Not a doubt.

Also according to CBS/AP “Global Events Live CEO Chris Hunt accepted blame, calling Kiss’ booking an “oversight.” “Under the circumstances, we fully agree that even though Kiss is a band Michael admired, we have no choice but to rescind our invitation to them to appear in our tribute concert,” Hunt wrote in a statement.”

Simmons is the same JERK that said singer Adam Lambert should have  kept quite about being gay. I am glad Simmons has been removed from Jackson’s tribute, I would LOVE see Adam Lambert added to the lineup, so far the star left is Smokey Robinson,  Christina Aguilera and  Cee Lo Green.

Jackson’s mother endorsed the event,  brothers Jermaine and Randy oppose it, so far the tribute is scheduled for Oct. 8 in Cardiff, Wales.


2 thoughts on “Gene Simmons (KISS) Removed From MIchael Jackson Tribute

  1. Hey girl! I agree w/you! My son is a Kiss Fanatic! His whole life he has loved them & I think that’s why he understands my “obsession” with Adam! Right know I have a front bedroom stored w/boxes of his Kiss memorabalia! LOL! I never agreed w/him saying Adam should have kept his mouth shut, but I think he thought he would be more popular if he did, but knowing our Adam, that wasn’t who he is! Adam has said more times than I can count how he loved MJ & it would be such an honor for him if they would ask him to take part, but lets face it “AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN IN THIS LIFETIME”!!! He’s the only one I think that could do MJ proud & I really think MJ would have loved Adam! Good article girl! I read them all, but don’t have a lot of time right now for fansite or remarks, a lot going on… will explain when I can! Love Beverly

    1. Hey Beverly, Thank you so much for taking time to read and commenting on the blog, Yes Adam would rock at the tribute. I would love to see Adam and Chris Brown do something together at the Tribute. Michael would say over and over “It’s all in love” I know have a feeling Adam would love to be a part of the event.

      Big Hug and you know I love Ya
      De De

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