Lindsay Lohan Looks Older Than 25 (Photo Link)

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Posted: Saturday July 2, 2011 @ 3:00 pm PST

Topic – Lindsay Lohan

Photo Link: Pacific Coast News – Antonio Martinez

Actress Lindsay Lohan turns 25, however,  recent photos of Lohan are not great,  she actually looks to be a lot older than 25.  Lohan has been in and out of trouble for such a long time. She just completed her house arrest sentence.  Lohan is now free and hopefully she can turn her life around for the best so that she can live another 25 years.  She is beautiful woman and a great actress, it would be nice to see her back to work full time.   Happy Birthday Lindsay!


4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Looks Older Than 25 (Photo Link)

  1. Poor Lindsay. She needs to get her buzz without putting it out there for everyone to focus on instead of her talents. I always said it is not my business who does what, just don’t make it mine. You own your actions regardless, its ugly.

    1. Hey Room 147, I feel so so sorry for Lindsay she is a beautiful woman going down hill fast without a paddle. If she does not stop what she is doing the newspaper headlines will be Actress Lindsay Lohan Is Dead age 25. I hate to say it but, it’s true..

      Luv and Hugs
      De De

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