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Posted: Monday July 25, 2011 @ 12:01 am PST

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{Updated: Saturday July 8, 2017 @ 6:23 p.m PST I have an UPDATED Photo Of Tony Taken June 15, 2017}

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*Update News

Tony Muth is doing fine and has gained weight. Muth said he does not want to be contacted by anyone from his past. His fear is if he’s in contact with friends from the past he might slip so, he’s asking to be left alone.  He’s moved on with drug-free friends.

Drummer Tony Muth was born Anthony Muth in the bay area.  Muth is from the band (The Departed)  The California native is making a career change from drummer to acting and print  modeling.  Muth has been a drummer for 23 years for a punk- rock band.  He has played all over the bay area with The Departed and was a contract drummer with the band (Fang) Muth is sweet,  honest, and shy.

Muth loves all aspects of acting and once he finishes rehab he has plans to start acting classes and look forward to signing with a talent agency.   Anthony Muth stands 6′ 2″ with hazel eyes.

At the moment Muth is struggling with insecurity, alcohol,  drug use and depression.  The best part is that  Muth is aware of his problems and has seeked help.  He will be in rehab for 8 months.  When I interviewed Muth he said  ” I want the world to know me, all about me, this is why I am doing this interview, I am on the road to recovery and someday I will able to reach out and to help someone.” His favorite actor is Robert Redford.

Muth parents were teens when he was born and they are still together,  he also said in his interview with me ” I want everyone to pray for my recovery and please send me your comments with your love and support.” “I hate racism , I love the truth.”T


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  1. hi de de! hope you are well. wondering if you’ve seen tony lately? miss him and hope he’s okay! i haven’t seen him in a couple years now and am worried.

  2. Hello. Tony is one of my closest friends and I was actually speaking with DeeDee a couple years ago as I moved to LA & Tony & for a bit. I was skateboarding through the downtown area of SF in mid August, 2015 & we ran into one another. He was in good spirits and still striving to pull out of the world he was struggling in. I love him like a brother & am grateful I was able to see him & spend time with him. I am happy to say, he is trying to move forward, has a place to live and does indeed have a couple of phones now. I will have to respect his wishes and not release contact information or where he is living yet am happy to say he is stable and for the most part safe. When I see him again, I will let him know he is loved by many and perhaps release contact information; if Tony wants it publicly known. He is one of the best people I know and I hope he stays in it. Most people I know from back in the day are dead. It was a gift to see Tony smile and catch up with him. It is great to read about all the love people have for him as he is a loving, caring, individual. I hope he reaches out to more people as it would help him a lot. Thank you DeeDee for your kind words when we spoke a couple years ago. Tony mentioned you when we were hanging out. cheers!! -tms (A)

    1. you are most welcome. As a Matter of fact I saw Tony about 2 Months ago on crutches. I took photos of him. I will post them if you would like to see them.. Hugs De De

      1. De De.

        Hello. I apologize I misspelled your name. My mobile went a little blinky & I didn’t finish my sentence in the beginning of my post either. I had moved to LA/SD with my wife & Tony & I lost touch around the time he went missing. Your initial article helped me a lot.

        I am very grateful to have finally seen him. I would love some pictures of him as I only have a few from 2006 -2008 or so. I got clear of the needle & have been good for years. I was very happy to see Tony moving in a more positive direction. If I can find them all, I will send you the pictures I have. I may have some Departed pictures too. Anyway, thank you for all your kindness and for supporting Tony. He said you are awesome. Talk to you later. Next time I am in SFC, maybe you, Tony & I could get some coffee. It would be nice to meet you in person. Cheers!! (A) -timothy stern

      2. Hi Timothy,
        I am so glad you are having a great time and I will for sure put up the photos of Tony I took of him 2 months ago. I would LOVE to have lunch or dinner when you are here in SF.. I will tell Tony you said Hello

        De De

      3. To ANY ONE reading this, I saw Tony Muth June 15, 2017 and I took a NEW PHOTO of him. He’s gained a lot of weight lol Love De De

      4. hello de de.

        big ups for the message. i saw buster by the rehearsal space we would hang in and play music on hyde street a couple years ago. he was a lot heavier due to a leg injury. fucking car rolled onto his leg in a tenderloin blowout. i am grateful he is on methadone even if it is a lot. better than junk. i have 5 days off maintenance junk and it is rough. finally did it all the way. it is a fucking marathon kicking maintenance. that said, tony has more heart than most. i want to pull him out of the section 8 hotels so he can be around healthy people. if he was open to it, my wife & i would move him to del mar for awhile. i love the sfc but i think he would be good spreading out a bit. thank you for the email. i haven’t my opened up my wordpress because i am not done editing… i will be in touch. i hope this finds you well. please give tony my number if you see him before i go up in september. 510-827-6252. if you are in los angeles and want to review some restaurants in echo & hoghland park, i have some owners that need press… thanks & cheers!!

        timothy m. stern 510-827-6252

  3. Thank you DeDe we really do appreciate your help. We often can track him down ,but keep missing him. Looking forward to meeting some time
    Fondly Kelsey

    1. Hi Mrs. Muth, I am a mother of 2 and I know the feeling. I will be all too happy to let him use my phone to call you and I will be sure to tell him how you are looking for him…

      The photo of him on the cover page was a while back, I will post the new photo of him. Just to let you know he’s here in San Francisco. He does not live too far from me. He gives me a big hug everytime we see each other..

      I want to say “Thank You” for being a loving mother. My boyfriend’s Mother is sweet and loving just like you and my boyfriend does not call his Mom the way he should. I am going to teach a class on “Call Your Mother” lol Tony and my boyfriend will be my first students lol

      Love and Hugs
      De De

    2. Hi Kelsey, Have you seen the Photo of Tony? I had my daughter to post it up for me. As you can see he has gained a lot of weight and is doing so well. The older photo was taken when he was not feeling well. He really looks great!

      De De

  4. Dear DeDe I’am Tonys Mom I received a call on Mothers day and have been down trying to make contact with him. I know many of his friends and family would love to make contact with him or at least know if he is well. Do you have current contact with Tony? I will never give up on him for he is my beautiful boy. Please let me know if you can make contact with him and have him call home. He knows the number just want to make a place and time to meet with him. Thank you for your concern. Fondly Kelsey Muth

    1. Hi Mrs. Muth,

      I see Tony all the time, I have a recent photo of him that I will put up. He’s gained a lot of weight. He does not have a cell phone but, I will let him use my phone to call you…

      Love and Hugs
      De De

  5. Hi De De,
    My name is Brandon and I’m Tony’s first cousin. I was wondering if you’ve seen or talked with Tony lately? I often think about Tony and wonder how’s he doing, if he’s alive, if I’d ever get a chance to see him again. I got extremely excited when I came across this site. I miss him and I love him and our family has always had a strong bond no matter how long it has been since we’ve seen each other. If possible, could you please email me in private and just update me on how’s he doing? Not sure if you’re still in touch. Thank you, Brandon

  6. hi again de de!

    hoping to hear some positive news about tony. i saw him once, very briefly, a few months ago, but haven’t seen him since then. do you know how to contact him or where he is staying? i really appreciate all of your continued help!

      1. hi again de de!

        i just noticed your update – is that a recent update?? is tony doing well?

        thanks again!

  7. Hey there DeDe…thank you for all the info regarding Tony. We went to high school together and then reconnected about 12-13 years ago; we ended up losing contact but I have thought about him often over the years and am f’n happy to hear he’s still on this planet! 😉 If you do see him or hear from him please let him know I said what up & if he wants to reach out to me I am happy to send you my info privately…I am coming up on 5 years clean and sober so maybe I could shed a little hope his way …thanks again! Peace…

    1. Hi Kim, Let me start by saying “Congratulations” on being clean and sober. The next time I see Tony I am going to tie him to a chair. get online and let everyone know I have him here with me lol

      You can send me your number at and I will give it to him..


      De De Tillman

  8. hello. i wanted to get in touch with tony “buster” muth. he is one of my best friends and I can’t reach him. i used to jam with him in the departed’s space. we both were struggling with substance abuse and i had to move to los angeles with my wife. i can’t get a hold of him and am worried about him. i love him a ton and i hope he is ok. if you can help me find him or provide insight as to where i can contact him, i would be more than grateful. i am homesick for sf and la is kind of strange. i wish i could go see him and give him a hug. please contact me if you still know his location. i thank you for putting this up. i kicked a little but not enough. i hope tony went the whole way. if you know KC from stockton, please let me know he is alive. thank you so much. cheers.

      1. You are most welcome Timothy, What I will do is give him you message and number, I willd delete the post so your number will not go out to nuts calling you…

        De De Tillman
        Celebrity Blogger

      2. thank you so much. you are awesome. such a great help and a very sweet person. i really appreciate your taking the time to reply to me. i was not sure if tony was even alive, i moved to la for awhile & his # stopped working. good looking out for the phone thing. i am sure if some crazy chap called me, i would end up bending their ear & riffing on silly things which would drive them mad :). anyway, thx again & next time i am in the sfc/bay area, i will hit you up would like to take you to lunch or coffee for being so kind & helping me. have a good day de de. you are awesome. cheers & big up’s to you. oi-timothy OxR

      3. You are most welcome, and I look forward to meeting you as well. Tony is alive and as soon as I see him I will give him your message and I will let him call you from my phone because, he does not have a phone

        De De

      4. Hi. I’m a friend of Tony’s, too. I haven’t heard from him in a long time and would love to get in contact with him. Can I send you my contact info for you to pass on to him if you see him??? I’d appreciate it.

  9. Hello. My name is Thomas Caldwell and me and Tony grew up together, played little league and everything!!! I would really like to get in touch with him if possible. Tony was one of my funniest friends. I really hope he’s okay! Tell him Thomas and Porky and Alvin wanna see him!!!! He will know exactly who you are talking about. Mention Oak Park, Cleveland Elementary School, and when he hit first home run he ran around the bases shoutin “I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MYSELF” we love you too brotha!!!

    1. Hi Thomas, I will for sure give Tony your message the next time I see him. The last time I saw Tony he was feeling great and wants to teach drums to youths…

      De De Tillman

  10. Is there any way I can have a private conversation with you. Tony was a very important person to me.

      1. Hi I sent you a message via facebook. Thank you for having this blog about Tony!

      2. Hi Mark! Thanks for letting me know about the message on Facebook, I will check it! I see Tony often…

        De De Tillman
        Celebrity Blogger

  11. HI Lizzy I gave Tony your message and he said “Hello” He was so happy to hear from you. Some American Idol contestant has broken Tony’s jaw… I gave Tony a big hug…

    De De Tillman
    Celebrity Blogger

    1. Hi again. I appreciate the call back but unfortunately I missed it. Please call back again at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much.

    2. hey again de de!

      hoping you have more positive news about tony – you mentioned in another comment you see him often! I’ve been out of the country for a bit, but am back now and have no idea how reach him. could you let him know I’d really love to see him?

      thanks again for all of your help through this!

      1. Hi Lizzy, I will for sure give him your messsage, the last time I saw him I gave him a big big hug and a kiss on the cheek lol

        Love and Hugs
        De De

  12. hey dede,

    i’m glad i found this post. tony is a close friend of mine – we met 10 years ago and used to live together. i haven’t heard anything from him in about 7 months and am worried. i hope he followed through with rehab and that he knows his friends are thinking about him and wishing him well. if you ever see him or talk to him, please let him know we care.


    1. Hi Lizzy, The moment I see or see him again I will do an update, the last timw I saw him he was talking about killing himself. I took that of him, gave him a big hug and told him his life have a purpose, I talked him into getting a grant to start helping children learn how to play drums. I am so worried that something is wrong.

      Let’s Pray he’s in rehab
      De De Tillman

      1. oh no! i really hope he is in rehab or just taking some time to himself. i worry about him & miss him. thanks for your response, and please do let me know if you hear anything about him. i’m considering going down to visit another old friend of his, and will update you as well if i hear anything.

    1. Hi Tom, Tony’s family leaves in Stockton, It’s been a long time since we have seen him, he’s not doing well and he’s extremely depressed. If I see or hear from him I will for sure let you know and thanks;

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

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