David Beckham & Justin Bieber: 2011 Do Something Awards

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Posted: Monday August 15, 2011 @ 1:35 pm PST

Topic: David Beckham – Justin Bieber –  Jane Lynch – Gordon Ramsay

The 2011 Do Something Awards was hosted by Jane Lynch.  Chef Gordon Ramsay presented David Beckham with a Do Something Athlete Award.   Beckham touched on the importance of teaching his kids to give back.

“The best example I can give them is to show them to give back, and let them know they can help change the world,” Beckham said.

Bieber was honored for his work with Pencils of Promise which builds schools around the world.  Nick Cannon was among the presenters and singer Demi Lovato performed.



9 thoughts on “David Beckham & Justin Bieber: 2011 Do Something Awards

  1. I agree with your reply about Adam fans uniting but its noteworthy that Bieber fans are not in school and can stay up all night if they want just to vote. Most of Adam’s fans are working ppl who have responsibilities. That was the issue this time. But I can’t agree that Glamberts are not united because the die hard fanbase is definitely united. We have many new followers that are Bieber, Miley and some GG fans that are will vote for their leader before Adam. Hope this changes with the new album. BTW did you know that he got over 8K new likes on FB last night.

    1. Hey Sharon! What I would love to see is all of use support Adam a trillion percent and stand up for him…. We have to take care of Beverly’s baby LMAO …lol

      Love and Hugs
      De De

  2. De De:
    Only one thing was wrong with how the DSA’s were chosen. They weren’t chosen there were fan wars to get the winner. Bieber has over 11 million followers Adam has about 1, 160,000 it’s hard to compete with those odds. Also it’s interesting to note that Bieber picked charities that Adam has supported for years specifically Donors Choose and then Charity Water. Kind of makes you think that JB just might like and respect Adam huh?

    1. Hey Sharon! Bieber has more followers than Adam however, I noticed you were working so hard to get the message out there and I retweeted most of what you had done, the only thing is, Bieber fans unite, Adam fas do not. If Adam fans had united and really pulled together those 1 plus millions could have outdone Bieber… Hollywood Holly took something I worked on and put it on her wall and it worked… If Adam fans pull togeether like You, Beverly, Hollywood Holly, Pat R. and I….It will work…

      The next time Adam is up for something, I would love for everyone to Tweet and RT until their fingers are numb…..

      Love U Much
      De De

      1. What did Hollywood Holly do? I’d love to know maybe even discuss this with her. thanks

      2. Hey Sharon, I am not sure what she did but she brought attention to some work I had done on Adam… I have put up so mush on him from Interviews, children who love him, Hunk of the Month, Gorgeous Eyes ETC…. lol Just everything. I would love to put something on him every single day…. lol

        Love U
        De De

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