Project Runway Viewers OUTRAGED Over Season 9 Winner

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Posted: Friday October 28, 2011 @ 1:35 am PST


Project Runway Season 9 has been the most controversy season ever.  In the past designers was judged on their ability introduce future wear to the fashion world.

This season only 1 designer was the judges favorite from the moment the designer walked in the door.

It was said the winner could not sew, did not complete the assignments and don’t have a clue as what it takes to be a real designer.

The winning designer lost money and a very kind-hearted designer gave his last to the winner and to everyone’s surprise, the kind-hearted was out and the winner won the challenge.

It was among 4 contestants 3 of them seemed to be worthy of winning.


1. What a joke! But, not a surprise. Just a huge disappointment. The woman
can’t sew, has no eye, no judgment, no line. Sigh. Her designs were
completely reminiscent of Ulies or whatever her name was a few years
back…..I wouldn’t be caught in one of these muu-muu’s. Honestly, what
woman of style is going to buy one of these designs? Hmmm? Here today,
gone tomorrow. On the rack at any cruise port. While Victor will go on
to make a name for himself with his beautiful designs and fabulous
prints! At least he can sew, and use a pair of shears! Shame on you
Project Runway! Perhaps next season when Tim goes on his visits, you
should go with him and see some of the world! Obviously your insular
views have blinded you to the real world and what real people are

17 thoughts on “Project Runway Viewers OUTRAGED Over Season 9 Winner

  1. I personally believe Anya was an amazing choice. She was unable to sew yet still created superb dresses and designs. I mean, she made a beautiful dress with freaking $11. She’s a great designer. I don’t understand why everyone is so mad about her winning.

    1. Hi Carmen, It was so long ago but, as I remember Project Runway had rules and Anya broke a lot of the rules and got away with it. Something about her Urked a lot of people, she was not liked by too many people. She was the Judges favorite.

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  3. I am so done with Runway! What a sham, I am a mother who has been sewing for 40 years, and there is no way she could sew at the level as Victor or Josh if she tried. Anya basically drapped a lot of fabric and made it look good, but it was the same garment over and over again, she couldn’t design anything else. I can’t even believe she made it to the finals, she had no business on the stage with the level of professionals who not only were schooled in fashion sewing, but had real experience in sewing. The judging has been poor in the last few years (need I mention the boring Gretchen), but this is the final straw, I can’t watch the judges do such a terrible job.

    1. Hi Robin OH Do I agree with you, I can’t sew a lick however, Anya stole the title from others who deserved to win, both my late grandmothers knew how to sew and my mother and I cannot see them botching up fabric like that..

      Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum have truly lost their damn minds more so Heidi because, It’s her show. The week Anya did not complete those pants was the same show Nina was harping at Kimberly over some damn buttons.

      It took Anthony Ryan Auld’s fans 2 days to get him 5, 000 votes and some how Anya and her crew, the judges rigged the Fan Favorite because, over night Anya gained 30, 000 votes RIGGED….

      Heidi better watch out Anya might steal the show from her and her husband Seal…. I WILL NEVER EVER watch that show again I am DONE…. Thanks for posting and do come back

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

  4. Project Runway blew it!!!! Never going to watch again. I am done with the junior high school mentality of the beauty queen being the most popular and not even having to try to win. Anya can’t make clothes and I would never wear anything like that. Heidi is a supermodel and just picked another supermodel type to win, just because she can sew a straight line. Whatever, not watching ever again, have lost all respect for Nina, Michael & Heidi

  5. I think that it was so seriously rigged. There’s no way that Anya would have won in a fair competition. Her dresses weren’t even hemmed! PR has just gone to crap since it was bought by Lifetime.

  6. I totally agree with every thing you said. It looks like a set up to me. I was amazed how the judges always pushed her projects through especially the bad and the ugly. Every thing she made looked the same, same and the same. BORING!

  7. I will not watch Project Runway or any of its associated spin-offs ever again. The winner should be chosen based on the potential to move fashion forward, to contribute something new to the high fashion industry. Anya’s garments were poorly constructed all season, and her runway finale designs were commonplace. She shows no potential to be an innovative designer. The problem with her lack of sewing ability is that she can’t design pieces that can actually be realized –that’s why she had to sew models into dresses and cut them out later. A designer who knows how to sew creates a garment that can be taken off a model without being destroyed by cutting.

  8. I am thoroughly disgusted by the fact Anya won!!!!! She can’t sew as others can. She was a joke throughtout the challenges. I truly believe this was a biased competition this time. Doubt that I will waste my time watching any Project Runways in the future. The other contestants must be outraged.

    1. Hi Susan This season made no sense to me at all Looking back at Christian Siriano and this season runner HA HA a joke

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      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

  9. I have also watched every season of the show and I feel it has run its course. Anya wins and all is lost. She is no fashion designer. Everything she made was basically either a strapped Sarong or Mu-Mu. I knew she would win on last weeks show when she presented her three piece collection, and seeing it on a 55″ HD TV, it was so badly made you could see every pucker and crooked seam. The gown was a joke. The judges could plainly see how terrible everything was made, but still praised her for her talent. She has none! Joshua’s collection looked like everything else he has done on the show “1990’S” poor mans Versace. Victor ‘s clothes were always well made but boring. I did not even bother watching the Finale. Saw the winner online.

    1. Hi Lucas when I saw Nina and Heidi drool over her in the beginning I knew then she was the winner. Pants unsewn, lost money had to cut clothes off the model and Yaddy Yaddy, Remember Irina? Classy… Christian? Elegant OMG

      Oh well. I has scratched PR off the my list…

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

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