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Posted: Tuesday April, 12 2011 @ 2:52 am PST

Topic: Elvis Presley – Adam Lambert

What do you think?  Does Adam Lambert look like Elvis?  Does Adam sound like Elvis?  What could it be?  Is it the eyes?  The Hair?   Adam is compared to the Late King Elvis Presley all the  time.

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11 thoughts on “Adam Lambert & Elvis Presley

  1. I´m from Brazil, and I was surprised when I saw Adam Lambert with Queen, He is great, I think that he looks like Elvis so much, Adam has a excelent voice! Adam has attitude!

    1. Hi Rosie! Ahhh Thank you so much for loving Adam, he is loved by all ages and nationality…

      Big Hug
      De De Tillman
      Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

    1. Hey HollywoodHolly! You are so sweet and Adam is so lucky to have you and everyone here supporting him.. I sent you an email from my personal email and I can’t thank you enough, I have a surprise coming up for you… lol Thank you for spamming all over Twitter, I have been doing the same thing…lol As you said, We Love Our Prince Adam… He is our

      Hugs and More Hugs
      De De

  2. I read someplace (can’t remember where) that Priscilla & Lisa Marie both acknowledged the similarities when they saw Adam! They also said Elvis would absolutely Love Adam! I think the physical similarities are astounding!!!!!!!!!!! The same swagger, eyes, nose, hairline & iip curl! It’s almost as if Adam could be Elvis’s son, but we know that’s impossible since he died before Adam was born!! I don’t think Adam sounds like Elvis, but he DANG sure resembles him! It’s uncanny!!! Love Elvis but when he was around my mother forbid fan girling a rock star! Guess what ~ No one can forbid me now & I’m TOTALLy into fan girling me some H0T Adam Michell Lambert until I draw my last breath!!!!!

    1. I read the same thing in an interview with Priscilla and Lisa Marie…Priscilla also stated that Elvis would have loved Adam!! Both men loved to dress in fancy outfits that had sparkle!!..and their ability to entertain is amazing!! Elvis respected people who was talented and would have loved Adam for it according to Priscilla!!

  3. Elvis was just coming on the scene when I was very young about 12 yrs old so I was lucky to have watched him grow as an entertainer. My sisters saw Elvis Live in concert in the 70’s and stated so many of same things Adam fans do. Charismatic, sexy, great stage presense, talented and a great showman. I personally think Adam has Elvis beat in al areas. They are similar also in many ways. Elvis dyed his hair black (dirty blond), wore face makeup, eyeliner, lipstick and mascara. They both have the same lip curl. Adam doesn’t even try but his lip naturally curls when he sings certain words. Both are OTT dressers when performing. Elvis loved the rhinestone look and Adam the glitter. ,

    1. GREAT description! Lovingadam! I think you have hit the nail on the head… lol I love the way Adam dresses, I want to dress like that, I think I would have fun shopping with Adam…. lol Of Course you can shop with

      De De

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